You're Closer Than You Think

You're Closer Than You Think

The astronaut is the universal symbol of the dream job. This human truth was the basis of this LinkedIn campaign. The campaign was devised after NASA asked for our help to find an astronaut – we found 3 million US LinkedIn members qualified. This data point gave birth to the "You're closer than you think" idea. The campaign aimed to raise brand awareness and inspire the world's professionals.

ROLE: Creative concept, art direction, graphic design


We may not all want to be astronauts,
But inside all of us is a moonshot, an ambitious undertaking that stirs the soul.
One we would embark on if only we had more time, fewer distractions, more confidence, less fear.
But that moonshot is your purpose and purpose is a powerful thing.
People with purpose get out of bed more inspired and return more fulfilled.
Their careers are more rewarding, their businesses more impactful.
Not everyone will make it to the moon, but everyone can start their journey.



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