The Way In

To promote the launch of LinkedIn's Jobs product to career builders, the campaign's mission was to engage viewers and convey that LinkedIn doesn't just show you the job, but also shows you the way in. In collaboration with a small team, we came up with the solution to leverage 360° videos to effectively communicate our message. Using the Top Attractors list, we identified and partnered with some of the most coveted companies that appeal to career builders – Airbnb, ASOS, and Hugo Boss. Each video gives viewers a deeper look into the work environment, the passionate people within them, and what it takes to work there.

ASOS | London, UK

Airbnb | San Francisco, CA

Hugo Boss | Metzingen, Germany

Behind The Scenes

Role – Art Director

Pre-Production – Creative concept, proposals, storyboards, talent coordination, location scouting, camera diagrams
Production – Set dressing, art directing shots, talent manager
Post-Production – Stitching voice over and narrative, designing and animating call-out cards, music selection, etc. 

Jared Freeden –
Creative Director

Francisco Martinez –
Concept, Art Direction

Mohammad Awadalla –
Concept, Copywriter

Tony Vu –
Producer, Brand Strategist